Trust Builder Awards highlight professionals in the HIM, clinical documentation & revenue integrity fields who have succeeded in building trust among peers.

What are the Trust Builder Awards?

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the future success of healthcare. To properly collaborate, trust must be built between various team members, departments and organizations. This trust is not simply built by accident. It takes forethought and dedication to form the bridges necessary for collaboration and inter-departmental teamwork.

The Trust Builder Awards highlight those who have succeeded in building trust among their healthcare peers. Specifically, the awards aim to feature those in health information management and clinical documentation improvement fields who are building trust successfully among multiple groups within their organizations.

How will Trust Builder Award winners be honored?

Trust Builder Award winners will be announced in May and August, 2021. Each award winner will have a $2,500 donation made to the charity of their choice. A dinner in honor of the award winners will also be held at the 2021 ACDIS Conference and the AHIMA Convention, respective to the award winner’s category.

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