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in Coding, CDI, Edit Reconciliation, and Denials Management

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for Auditing, Revenue Integrity, and Program Analysis

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to relieve DNFB, DNFC, and Workqueue backlogs

TrustHCS experts help coding, CDI and auditing clients realize millions of dollars in revenue potential.

TrustHCS provides healthcare experience throughout many facilities, combining consulting and staffing services to ambulatory, acute and post-acute care organizations. Whether strictly inpatient or expanding into outpatient, ambulatory, or all-payors, our data-driven approach reduces operating costs, accelerates reimbursement and drives revenue integrity improvement for every type of healthcare organization.

“Through our strategic partnership with TrustHCS, we are trying to understand every staff touchpoint from the beginning of the cycle to the end of the cycle, including all clinical aspects—and our CDI expansion is a big component of our transformation.”

Jane Mckee

Executive Director, Revenue Cycle Services at Piedmont Healthcare

Request a complimentary facility program analysis covering:

Areas of revenue risk

Denials KPIs for similar peer providers

Ideal staffing levels across edits, CDI, and Coding

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What are the Trust Builder Awards?

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the future success of healthcare, and proper collaboration requires trust between various team members, departments, and organizations. This trust is not simply built by accident, however. It takes forethought and dedication to form the bridges necessary for collaboration and inter-departmental teamwork.

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